Soul work
Energy work with the soul level

Through traumatic or dramatic events or long-term life circumstances, such as growing up in a challenging family context, school system, etc., parts of the soul can be lost, or not even be there in the first place.

Your soul wants to make you aware of this through psychological or physical symptoms.

Soul work can be indicated if

  • You want to feel more at one with yourself (again)
    after a dramatic experience such as separation, change of location, painful experiences, connections that are not good for you, but you find it difficult to break away….
  • You feel a bit “out of yourself”,
    with constant tiredness, concentration problems, lack of stability, strong cravings or loss of appetite, compulsions,
    sudden or gradual loss of skills and hobbies, extreme obedience to other people or institutions, or even if you always find yourself in a contrary position that makes it difficult for you to be and remain in soft contact.

In soul work, your concerns are clarified and your goal formulated in a preliminary discussion. After that, you can make yourself comfortable on the lounger, wrapped in warm blankets and feeling safe within yourself.

During a journey, parts of the soul are brought back with the help of power animals.

Sometimes plants, sounds, feathers and rattles are incorporated. Your system is energetically cleansed.

ca. 90-120 minutes
 105 Euro/ h

Frequency: as required. Soul work can take place from around 6 years

Soul Communication

If your path has led you to my site, then the word “soul” may not be completely unfamiliar to you, or at least you feel gently caressed and drawn to the word.

There is a reason for this:
Your soul is the highest vibrating part in your system! It is the part of you that is immortal. It created you with all your abilities and “quirks”.
Therefore, it is only logical to consult this highest authority within you with your questions.
 soul communication creates a conscious space. Clear conditions are set. For example, your own parts are asked to be put aside in appreciation of their existence (not to want them to go away, but to find answers that also serve them). This creates a space in which the wisdom of your soul can be heard.

In a room of silence – the answer is there

Are you deeply moved by a question?

  • Do you have a personal question about your life, about your potential, why exactly you are here on earth, what is your very own task with which your soul wants to shine in the world?
  • Are you concerned with health-related, emotional-psychological, professional or family-related questions? e.g. How can you solve an issue in your relationship in the long term, what can support you in emotionally challenging situations?
  • Do you have questions for the soul of your (unborn) child?
  • Are you concerned with a life issue that you are looking for an answer to?
  • Do you want to know what you can do and what support there is from the soul level to run your business in harmony with your soul?

All of these are questions that you can ask your soul in soul communication!


To prepare for soul communication, we arrange a telephone conversation/or clarify the questions by email or in person.

I am happy to help you find the right wording for your questions-
cause clear questions are the first step to clear answers!

During soul communication itself, I connect with your soul; personal presence during soul communication is not necessary.

You will receive the complete soul message by email, or if you like, by phone or by post.

If you have any questions about soul communication, a follow-up conversation will take place if necessary.

ca. 1-3  hours
 95 Euro/h  for preliminary and follow-up session, 120 Euros/h  for soul communication

Frequency: as often as you have questions for your soul that move you deep down.

Requirement: In order to carry out soul communication, you must completely abstain from alcohol and other substances on the day of the soul communication and for 3 days before and 3 days after.

Soul communication can take place regardless of age and can even be carried out with a baby in the womb.

travel to the soullibrary- changing believe centences

Beliefs have a deep impact and influence how we act and are treated- often these beliefs are subliminal. In honoring the original intention (mostly to protect) we work out the old belief as well as a new one that corresponds to your highest good and the highest good of all. As soon as the two sentences are clear, the “journey into the soul library”, a guided meditation, begins.  Beliefs are neutralized and updated in the soul chronic.
To ground the new belief you work with the new belief for the following days by your own .

1-2 hours
95 Euro/h

Ointment with essential oils and gem stones

grounded and secure in nature you are a blossom of life! Celebrate yourself!

A full body oil ointment can set in motion what needs to be set in motion on the most varied of levels.
In my experience, the use of authentic essential oils can gently support physical and mental processes and activate self-healing powers. An oil treatment is also wonderful to simply enjoy and to celebrate life and the bond with nature.

In the full body treatments, the plants work through the application of authentic essential oils on all levels of a person. A resonance field is created in which you can connect deeply with nature, calm down, relax, recover and nourish.

Fertility Massage

The fertility massage supports those who want to receive a child, who have menstrual problems, hormonal fluctuations, and irregularities in the cycle. It is also used to improve the spermiogram.

Through massage with a special selection of essential oil’s and the work with acupressure points  waste products are remove via the lymphatic system,  blockages and tensions are removed, and the body is carefully brought into a relaxed starting position.

ca. 60 Minutes
 100 Euro, including essential oils 

A circle with 6 treatments is recomanded. In case of artificial insemination before.

Mother Blessing

Closing of the bones is a practice that is used in the Andes of Peru and other parts of the world. It supports women after childbirth by supporting them with various plants and the experience of being held, allowing them to let go and fully return to themselves. Because those who are fully held can let go and mature into the blossoming of the new phase of being a mother and woman. Parts of the soul are called in, a washing with herbs and oiling takes place. The woman is then wrapped in cloths.

ca. 2 hours with me, further more hours accompanied by your family are recomanded.
A follow-up telephone  call with me takes place after 3-5 days.
220 Euro,  including essential oils/ plus travel costs

Frequency: This treatment takes place at least 3-6 weeks after the birth. It can be received 1-3 times in a row. An application that perfectly complements this is Joy and Blessing.

Womens Blessing

This ointment is for women who want to internalize the experience of being held, of being connected and supported by Mother Earth. The earliest experiences, which still have an impact today can have a different effect after the application because a part of it is full and nourished.
For issues where lack plays a major role.
For women for whom the topic of nutrition is a constant topic in all directions it’s a good choice.
“Fed and nourished, go your way on this earth!”  

In a preliminary discussion, an individual intention can be set. Accompanied by a drum, all parts of the soul are invited to take their appropriate place. After washing with herbs, the body is gently oiled. Healing stones are used. The sphere of intimacy is protected at all times. At the end, you are wrapped in warm blankets, as if swaddled. You can stay held in this way for a few hours.

You can bring a person you absolutely trust with you to this treatment.

ca. 2,5-4,5 hours
330 Euro for 3 hours, each addition hour 105 Euro.
Please bring a glass or clay vessel. 

Frequency: This treatment can be received 3 to 4 times in a row.

Men‘s Blessing

Being grounded and carried as man is the theme of this application.

This can support you as a man in updating outdated patterns of the little boy who looks after his mother, wants to please or impress her, or who has had to define himself in constant isolation and often does this in relationships with women, or men in homosexual relationships, and to guide you into being a man on a healed level.
Themes of being nourished and being optimally cared for can heal here.

Please check whether you are ready to embark on this process.

ca. 3-3,5 hours
350 Euro
Please bring a glass or clay vessel. 

Frequency: This treatment can be received 4 times in a row.

Partership according to the divine order- grounded and free

This application is for couples and extended couple constellations who want to live a partnership grounded in the divine order and freely according to their respective free, updated soul plans, with respect and consideration for the free will of everyone it affects on all levels at all times.

If a partnership is stable, it serves to further stabilize it and to easily grow together.

But it is also an application for couples who are not having it so easy at the moment and need support to get to the next level in terms of vibration, where they themselves are stuck in repetitive destructive patterns. For them it would actually be very good, because the channels are often blocked here to attract what is desired.

The application helps couples to attract what is already there as a possibility more easily and helps to manifest and establish what wants and can be lived more for the highest good of all – and also to reach a new level with each other.

Human systems can learn to let go of what stands in the way of living happy, content and honest relationships based on freedom.

Old connections and fields of vibration that stand in the way are worked on and prepared.

Everyone is guided into their own field of freedom, love and connection, which is filled with the joy of being.

For this reason, what belongs apart is also separated in the couple constellation, so that you can meet each other freely again. Now.

Fields of lack are worked on, because often what is present as potential is what stops you from living.

Fields of abundance and joy are strengthened.

You will be able to bring your own potential into the partnership/relationship constellation more easily and let the common one grow on the basis of freedom, joy, consideration, appreciation, respect, lightness, love and blessings for all those affected and involved for the highest good of all who choose this path.

This application is aimed at everyone who feels addressed, whether singles, couples or extended relationship constellations, because these are also in the divine order, they are lived on the basis of respect and honesty.

If your partner is not ready (yet), you can receive the application for yourself first in order to strengthen what makes you unique as a couple.

Redevine the holy structures

A technique to relieve the information and substances of morbid structures and obstacles that have accumulated over the years and can hinder or truly harm humans. The therapeutic grade essential oils used in the treatment can detoxify energetically and physically as well as establish Divine structures in the client’s body and system.

ca. 90 Minutes
 100 Euro 

Joy and Blessing for grown ups

A technique to prepare, follow up or harmonize all necessary processes (also proliferation, cell building and regeneration) at all levels. It is very pleasant, humans can let themselves relax, fall and enjoy and their systems will work better afterwards than before. It is recommended for Mums, Dads, Co-Mums and Co-Dads during pregnancy, pueriperium and nursing period, but also during phases exhaustion, overload and other emotional imbalances like continuing sadness. The technique  is performed very softly and calmly, lovingly and without any pressure (respecting your privacy). It is specially designed so that you may relax. A gem may be taken home to support you during everyday life.

ca. 90-120 Minutes
 108 Euro (inkl. gem to take home) for the initial session

Joy and Blessing for childreen

The technique for children can rectify many things and bring supportive order. The technique is performed very softly and calmly, lovingly and without any pressure (respecting the child’s privacy and in the presence of a carer). The child may move and play during the session and can also help.

ca. 30-60 Minutes
 35-70 Euro

Flower Oil Power

A technique to enable you to experience grounded ease as well as an increase of vibrations by means of the united power of flower blossom’s Plant Souls – free from drama, violence and fight. It answers our human needs for beauty, elegance, grace, splendor, unity, calm, sangfroid, indulgence (as a way to value ourselves) and for joy.

ca. 90-120 minutes
 145 Euro

Soul Drop Technique – The Holy Touch

An anointment to prepare and enable human beings to get in closer contact and communicate more easily with their own Soul level. It will help you remember who you are, what you are here for and what plan your Soul intended for your life.

The Soul level is always part of the Divine plan, serves and in unison with the Universe and the entire Creation. If human beings can open up for the energy and the power of their own Soul, they will come into Divine Order, too, will become a part of the entire Whole and experience less resistance and more flow in life as a side effect.

approx. 90-120 minutes
145 Euro

The Power To Let Go

If you have lost something or someone very dear, allow yourself to be reassured and reconciled with life in this pleasant technique with essential oils and a gem stone.

Learn to trust yourself again, learn to trust life some more again and to approach other people more easily again. Let go some of your pain with this beneficial technique for your highest good.

You can only receive this technique if you are 14 years or older, not with child and if you do not take psychotropic drugs.

approx. 90 minutes
115 Euro

The Feminity Within

A technique for women only in order to restore and cherish your own femininity. Gems, essential oils and subtle vibrational fields will accompany and lead you back to your individual and whole femininity.

The technique will exclusively be taught to women, and only women from the age of 16 can receive it.

approx. 90 minutes
120 Euro

Fee for follow-up sessions 110 Euro.

Integrating the shadow with oils and gemstones

Many people supress parts of their consciousness with which they cannot (or do not want to) identify. The aim of this full body treatment with essential oils and gemstones is to reintegrate those excluded parts, accept one’s shadow and use it for one’s own good and for the good of everyone else.

approx. 120 minutes
180 Euro

Integrating the light with oils and gemstones

Enlightened, highly resonant parts of the soul are often not so well integrated in our being. These parts are responsible for the orientation towards the source of all being and for the guidance of the soul. The purpose of this full body treatment with essential oils and gemstones is to create a common bond between one’s system and the high resonant parts of the receiving person. These parts revitalise liveliness, simplify processes and foster acceptance and development.

approx. 120 minutes
180 Euro

Smoothing out the body

Smoothing out body and aura supports to remove external energies that do not belong to you.

approx. 30-60 minutes
 95 /h

Opening and activating the BirthMagnetChakra

By using the energy method “Opening and activating the BirthMagnetChakra”,
a person’s energy system is flooded with its own original energies, thus
informing the body cells and various aura layers.

The system aligns itself to one’s own life purpose and potentials can be “unlocked” and activated. You can follow your life path with ease and vigour.

It is recommended to spend a time in harmony over the next few days,
to allow time for the energy to consolidate. Supportive, too, are time to recover,
sleep, water and spending time in the open air.

approx. 60-90 minutes
 95 /h